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M luxurys

High speed jet carbon fiber electric surfboard

High speed jet carbon fiber electric surfboard

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Product information:
Motor Power: 12KW
Material: carbon fiber shell
Maximum bearing weight: 100kg
Motor Cooling system: water cooling system
Battery life cycle: 1000 charge and discharge
Battery Type: lithium battery
Battery Replacement: quick removable plug-in battery, 5 seconds to complete
Battery (voltage/capacity):72V/50A
Charging Duration: 3-4 hours
Maximum speed: 55 km/h
Running hour: 30-45 minutes
Size: 175cm * 60cm * 16.5cm
Waterproof grade: IP68

Packing list:
Electric surfboard*1 Remote control*1 Slippers*1 Charger*1 Tow rope*1
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