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M4 pendant

M4 pendant

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BMW M4 Charm, Imagine driving through the streets, the sun shining on your gleaming hood, and then your gaze falls on the charm at your rear view mirror, the carbon fiber charm catches the light in an alluring way, creating a reflection that leaves everyone speechless. Every detail of our charms is taken care of - from the sturdy clasp that clips securely to the rear view mirror, to the flawless finish that sparkles in the sun. You'll be proud to show off your carbon fiber charm to your friends and family, who'll be sure to ask where you bought it.

Add a touch of class to your rear view mirror and give your vehicle the elegance it deserves. Purchase one of our carbon fiber rear view mirror charms now and enjoy the experience of driving in style and sophistication.

Give a unique touch to your car with the pendant that best represents you!

Remember, it's the details that make the difference.


100% Made in Italy, in real Carbon Fiber.

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Each Mluxurys product is made with very high precision machinery, guaranteeing an exceptional quality of the finished product.


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